Warren Price of Business Finance and Insurance Services has been my financial adviser for the past 5 years. I originally went to Warren to ask his advice on how to get my mortgage paid off more quickly. I also wanted to develop a property portfolio in a way that would let me sleep at night! I am now happy to say that I now own 3 properties and am considering a fourth thanks to Warren’s guidance and advice. He has a great depth of knowledge whether you are wanting advice on mortgages, insurance, property purchasing, how to get that mortgage down,dealing with banks and other professionals or virtually any other financial questions you have. Warren is approachable and really easy to work with.He focusses on what you want and most importantly helps you put in the steps to get there! If you want to move forward with your financial goals go and have a chat to Warren!

In 2009 I immigrated to New Zealand with my family from India to start a new life. Warren has been very helpful in assisting me buy a dairy business and has given good advice to me along the way. We have put all our insurance through Warren and have just recently had to use it to pay for an operation for my wife.

We now own the building that the business is in and are looking to buy a new home; we have put all of this down to meeting Warren.


I approached Warren on the recommendation of a friend of mine, with a view to being mortgage free. I really appreciate Warrens thorough planning taking into account all aspects of my financial situation. Taking Warren's advice I managed to significantly reduce my mortgage and get my savings on track, so much so that my home is now mortgage free. Warren helped me make some long term plans to ensure I have financial security for my future.


3rd June 2014

John Visser
22 Esplanade

Dear Mr and Mrs Price.

Having completed the reconstruction of our building at 22 Esplanade Sumner Christchurch, and having returned to normal business both in the restaurant and ice cream shop.

I am moved to express heartfelt thanks to you both, for the way that you have assisted me in getting back on my feet. If it was not for your initiative and liaison in dealing on my behalf with VERO Insurance, especially Mrs Carolynne Price, whose care and kindness shown to me during times of stress and confusion was exemplary.

Thanks to Mr Warren Price for ensuring that our building was adequately insured so that repairs were carried out without financial problems.

As for VERO Insurance, we were with them, and we stay with them.
Thanks to you all.

John Visser

I met Warren in 1987 when he worked for AMP. I had a large successful business and Warren looked after all of my insurances.

I have followed Warren from AMP to Business Insurance, he has been extremely professional and we have had every claim made paid, especially with the Christchurch Earthquakes we have found our properties to be properly insured, and we received the best service and advise from Warren, he assisted us in getting our claims paid quickly and it was a less stressful process.

I have known Warren for 28 years and am very happy to provide this reference

Don Allen